LiQberry pastes are organic product were certificated by Ecoagros.
Organic production covers all stages of manufacture (storage, processing, transportation, labeling, import etc.).
More than 70% of Europeans trust organic products. Consumer’s confidence is more than just quality.
It also means protecting the environment, providing good conditions for domestic animals and enhance the development of rural areas. Organic manufacture combines the best environmental practices, high biovariety and support natural resources. This method of production using natural substances and processes. Organic one provides public goods promote environmental protection.
Organic product:

• doesn’t contain genetically modified organism (GMO), GM-product and derivative;
• doesn’t contain chemically synthesized preservatives, dyes, flavors, stabilizers and thickeners;
• produced without harmful technologies (ultrasonic treatment, chemical preservation, processing with phenols and surface active agents, atomic splitting, radiation processing, gassing);
• doesn’t contain raw materials of agricultural origin, grown using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other agrochemistry, hormones and growth stimulants;
• doesn’t contain raw materials of agricultural origin, grown near industrial centers.

Organic principles:
There are common organic principles for all countries and culture, for all production’s volume and type of ownership. They were submit by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and sound as:
Environmental friendliness –
organic agriculture is based on living ecosystems and natural cycles. It’s work together with them, follows their example and rules and helps maintain their integrity and harmony.
Health –
organic farming support and strengthens health of soil, plants, domestic animals and humans as a single and indivisible point – the health of the ecosystem
Justice –
organic agriculture is based on fair relations with the environment and the equal opportunities of each person
Care –
organic agriculture is based on preserving methods of cultivation and responsible approach to protecting the health and well-being of present and future generations and the environment as a whole.

Organic product LiQberry- it is cool and useful!