Using and keeping all useful natural ingredients in the finished product and maximize their digestibility are the crucial principle of new technology. Human body gets only part of usefulness when he is eating fresh berries. Due to seeds and peels are undigested. However, inside that ones present necessary macro- and microelements!

Ukrainian scientists and technologists created an innovative hydro-thermodynamic technology under the guidance of author of the idea and inventor Ph.D. Sergei Osipenko (HTD-technology). The essence of technology is decomposition and simultaneous hydrolysis of wild berries through friction and pressure pulsation. Many studies were conducted in the leading Ukrainian Institutes for confirming effectiveness of technology.
You can find results right here:
The unique technology of processing berries is very careful decomposition; it helps to almost 100% digest vitamins, microelements and organic acids (in comparison with fresh berries – 40%). Skin’s and seed’s decomposition goes throw paste under the pressure and improves pastes features. Process without oxygen and preservatives forms product the long-term storage. Paste coats the intestinal villi significantly increase the bioavailability of substances due to its consistency. Therefore, it can be confirmed that LiQberry® paste is more useful than fresh berries.
The manufacturing process is conducted:
o No contact with oxygen, which means no oxidation;
o No sugar, no water, no preservatives;
o No sterilization, only pasteurization (<80°С)

LiQberry berries pastes is formula of life!